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Agricultural Implements price

Тема в разделе "Thunder 4 Ultimate", создана пользователем hzr414aj, 10 сен 2019.

  1. hzr414aj

    hzr414aj Новичок

    The rice transplanter is designed and developed in combination with the agronomic requirements of rice production. The product has a reasonable structure, reliable quality and long service life. It has the advantages of good work quality, high efficiency, wide adaptability, uniform planting, and saving seedlings. The rice transplanter has significant economic and social benefits.
    This product adopts the air-cooled diesel engine as the supporting power, the walking part uses the uni-wheel drive, and the depth of the transplanting can be adjusted steplessly to realize the arbitrary adjustment of the number of plants on the hole.
    No. of seeding rows6
    Row spacing(mm)300
    Individual spacing (mm)120-140
    Engine power(kW)2.9Agricultural Implements price

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